Preparedness Quick Tip #4: Store Water in Unexpected Places

Water storage is paramount for prepared living. For a day-long outage if water mains break to contamination of a city water supply from floods to a complete breakdown of municipal services, you need to make sure your family has water stored in abundance.

PQT #4 - Double duty water storage!

Preparedness Quick Tip #4: Store Water in Unexpected Places

Finding ways to effeciently store water is hard. You don’t want to line the walls of your home with big plastic jugs, but where else are you going to store it?


Fit the empty spaces of your freezer (wait…people have empty spaces in their freezers?) with bottles of water. Not only are you going to help your freezer perform better, you’ll have a fool proof way to see if your freezer has defrosted when you’ve been on vacation, you’ll also have all that usable water in case water becomes unavailable in a localized emergency.

Empty Canning Jars

Fill your freezer’s empty spaces with soda bottles full of water. Not only will you be helping your freezer work efficiently, you’ll also be storing extra water supplies you might need in case of an emergency where water services are no longer available.

Under Your Bed

One of the biggest tips for making the most out of any space is to store stuff under your bed. You can’t store everything under there, especially if you want to have access to it all the time. However, If you have side tables or other things that make getting to the head of the bed harder, use that space under your bed to store heavy-duty water jugs that don’t need to be accessed often.

Note: This tip is from Scott in the comments:

Also, shut off the electricity and the water inlet to the water heater. You don’t want the heater to operate at less than full capacity, because it can damage the heating elements, and you don’t want potentially contaminated water reentering.

Where do you have extra water stashed?

Speaking of water jugs — these are our favorite jugs to store water in our home. They stack like bricks, they line up easy without tipping over, and I can like the backs of our closets with a ton of water and still not take up the whole floor. A simple tower across the back of each wall works wonders for water storage! You can read more about them here.


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Think that big ugly water jugs lining your hallway is the only way to store water? Find unexpected places to store water for an emergency! You might be surprised!